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Hi PrePedia, extension CategoryTree has been disabled to all wikis because of performance problems. We can't guarantee that this extension will ever be enabled. Best wishes --Move (dyskusja) 19:52, 6 lis 2013 (CET)

We have renenabled extension categorytree. Hope it will work better now! --Move (dyskusja) 09:38, 14 lis 2013 (CET)

Lista projektów partnerskich wiki[edytuj]

Hello Prepedia, if you would like to get a Polish version of Specjalna:Liste_der_Marjorie-Partner-Wikis please translate it. We will then change the extension. Greetings Move (dyskusja) 12:54, 11 lis 2013 (CET) (Tech-Team of Marjorie-Wiki)