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Something is wrong with pl-transfer. It dosn't work properly from some time, eg. if I try import recently deleted page on pl-wiki, eg. Wadi (Star Trek), using pl-tranfer I got only the message: Import failed: Expected <mediawiki> tag, got html. What is wrong? Could you help?

Electron   23:02, 1 kwi 2018 (UTC)

Fixed and imported: Wadi (Star Trek). Live long and prosper! ;-) -- Reise Reise (dyskusja) 06:43, 2 kwi 2018 (UTC)
OK. Thanks :) Electron   09:43, 3 kwi 2018 (UTC)

  • Next problem with pl-transfer:

I try to import recently deleted pages:

and I have got only the message: Import nie powiódł się: Brak stron do importu. (Import failed: No pages to import.)

What is wrong? Electron   12:46, 1 gru 2018 (CET)

Between 2018-10-23 and 2018-11-01 there was a bug in all the WMF wikis (phabricator:T207974) which resulted in invalid XML files. I will check if I can repair these two files and import them from the bash. -- Reise Reise (dyskusja) 12:54, 1 gru 2018 (CET)
No, must be something else. -- Reise Reise (dyskusja) 12:58, 1 gru 2018 (CET)
I have located the problem. Our script fails because right now there are more than 500 articles which have a deletion request in pl.WP. The script needs to be changed to avoid this in the future. Sadly, we do not have those two articles. Other articles may also be affected. You will need to ask an admin at pl.WP to restore them for you. -- Reise Reise (dyskusja) 13:16, 1 gru 2018 (CET)
Thank you for reporting. I'll work on it. Move (dyskusja) 13:35, 1 gru 2018 (CET)
OK. Thanks for he info. I'll see what to do. Electron   14:37, 1 gru 2018 (CET)
It seems that pl-import still dosn't work, e.g. I tried: Krzysztof Jarzyna ze Szczecina and eventually I import it from my own expoted file... Electron   00:47, 13 gru 2018 (CET)
Hi sorry, I haven't made it yet. The best thing to do for now is to manually back up the items. I'll let you know when I've solved it. Best Move (dyskusja) 14:33, 13 gru 2018 (CET)
If you want let yourself be seen in the evening also in our IRC chat #marjorie-wiki on freenode. Move (dyskusja) 14:37, 13 gru 2018 (CET)